CAN chairman narrowly escape assassination

Share this…CAN chairman Kogi State, Bishop John Ibenu escape assassination by unknown gunmen while returning from his village. CAN chairman, Ibenu said he escape narrowly as the gunmen spray his car with bullets. The chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria Kogi State, said on Thursday, Jan 18 in Lokoja. He was attack when returning from his village in the eastern part of Nigeria around 5:30PM on Sunday. He also says he was ambush by seven men suspected to be from the northern part of Nigeria along Ojodu in Ofu Local…

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Osinbajo end presidential commitee News 

9 serving Governor and Osinbajo held presidential commitee to end killing of herdmen

Share this…The Vice President of Nigeria, Osinbajo held presidential committee to end herdsmen killing with 9 serving Governor. The committee include 9 serving governor of APC and PDP. This information was disclose by Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje to the State House Correspondent. The aim of the committee is to provide a long lasting solution to the indiscriminate killing of herdsmen. The commitee consist of the governor of the following state; Taraba, Oyo, Kano, Zamfar, Benue, Adamawa, Ebonyi, Plateu. The committee will work together with the federal government to end…

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Tonto Dike prays News 

“Every tongue that is lifted to condemn you will go dumb” – Tonto Dike

Share this…Tonto Dike took to her Instagram to shower prayer and prophesies for her fans as she greet them good morning. She wrote ” Every hand that is lifted to strike you today willwither, every tongue that is lifted to condemn you will go dumb, “every leg that is running to harm you will be twisted. In Jesus mighty name. “I command miracles, promotion, breakthrough, increase, restoration, and devine health that surpassexplanations, to manifest name… GOOD morning.” Tonto Dike is a mother of one and ex-wige of Churchill, she was…

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Michelle Obama News 

Michelle Obama @50

Share this…The wife of the former President of United State of America, Michelle Obama is 50 years today January 17. Michelle Obama is the wife of Barrack Obama who serve as the President of USA from 2009 to 2017. Barrack Obama is the first black American president fulfilling Marthing Luther King dream in a speech he title ‘I have a dream’. Marthin Luther King dream that one day a Black man will rule over USA. Share this…

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Senate leadership News 

Senate leadership brief President Buhari on House resolution and recommendation on Benue killing

Share this…The Senate House has reach a resolution and recommendation on the killing in Benue. The House leadership brief President Buhari about their resolution on January 16 at Aso Villa.   The Senate leadership led by Senator Bukola Saraki condemn the killing and resolve to; The House give the Inspector General of Police 14 days to arrest the perpetrators of the killing. Direct the Ministry of Agriculture to urgently provide facilities and empower it officers to enforce documentstion, protocol, quarantine animals and livestock’s at the border Share this…

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Do this and win £500 and two VIP ticket

Share this…Win £500 and VIP ticket OOlamide took to his Instagram page to inform his fans to do a video clip and win £500 and a free VIP ticket to his show.   He wrote “Do you want to win £500 and 2 VIP tickets to my show @ the Wembley Arena on the 11th of Feb?  It’s very easy… a video drop with the information of my show, pretending to be any Nigerian artist of your choice. Use the hashtag#DropForBasket  Drop for me, I drop for you. #DropForBasket@basketmouth He did the…

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restricted monkey fuji News 

Chris Brown thanks message to Marthin Luther King

Share this…Chris Brown while posting a video of late Marthin Luther King on his Instagram where he deliver a speech title “I have a dream”. He American singer thank Martin Luther King for letting the world to see the beauty in each other. He wrote Thank YOU for GIVING YOUR LIFE TO LOVE and inspire the world to see the beauty in each other. ” TODAY our ignorance has evolved due to the fact of false info and government who MONITORS and incarcerate/silence or kill anything we have close to…

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Soundcity MVP News 

Youngjohn and Davido producer dish each other over Soundcity MVP award

Share this…Youngjohn and Davido producer star beefing each other on social media over Soundcity MVP award. The fight start when Youngjohn was crown Souncity MVP award best producer at convention centre, Victoria Island. The beef start when Youngjohn was announce as the producer of the year over Kiddominant. Kiddominant seems unhappy because Davido has so many hit song previous year. Youngjohn took to social media to comment … “NUMBER 1. kill yourself” and many think he his referring to Kiddominant.   Immediately Kiddominant reply him saying “Lion don’t wrestle with…

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