Lightening killed 16 people in Adventist Church in Rwanda

Lightening killed 16 people

16 people were killed by lightening and many people sustain injury on Saturday night at a Seventh Day Adventiat Church in Rwanda.

This happened in the southern district of Nyarugu, were most of the victims died immediately the lightening strike the church.

Local mayor, Habitegeko Francois TD AFP that two individual died from the injuries, while 140 people were rushed yo the hospital and various health centres. 

The mayor also said lightening also kill a student in the area on Friday.

The disastrous event that happen in the mountainous area near the border with Burundi happened around midday Saturday while parishioners of the town Gihemvu were at the church service.

Mr Francois words, “Doctors says that only three are in critical condition but they are getting better.

He also said that another same incident happened on Friday where lightening also struck 18 students in the area, with one killed. Three of all the student are still in the hospital while the other has been discharged.

This incident is happening less than two weeks after more than 700 churches in Rwanda were closed for failing to comply with building regulations and noise pollution.

Panor Actu, a local new report that, many of the closed churches did not have the required lightening rods to protect the church from lightening strike.

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